French Area Exhibits Entered At Sandical

This year’s meeting of FCPS will take place at Sandical, January 24-26, 2014.  The show venue is the Al Bahr Shrine Center located at  5440 Kearny Mesa Road, San Diego, CA  92111.

Al Bahr Center
Al Bahr Center

About 192 frames are entered in the stamp show.   Below we have listed the 17 exhibits (100 frames) related to the French Area that have been reported to us.

St. Pierre & Miquelon 1932-1946 Postal History

Algeria: 1924-1958

The Era of the French Colonial Allegorical Group Type: Part IV, Senegal & Dependencies

Afrique Occidentale Francaise 1943-1960

French Naval Mail to America, The “RF” Usage Period & Lead-up, 1943-1945

Classic France: The Ceres and Napoleon Issues of 1849-75 in the Military and Foreign Mails

Tunisia 1888-1942

The Postal History of Tahiti Through the 1st Pictorial Issue

St. Pierre & Miquelon: Pre-stamp through First Pictorial Issue

French Postal Operations in the Holy Land 1852-1914

Indo-China: A Philatelic Sampler

French Guiana and Inini Commemoratives

“HORS-SAC” – Urgent Dispatch Mail

The Era of the French Colonial Group Type: OBOCK

The Cayenne Airmails of French Guiana

Dahomey – Man climbing oil palm – the workhorse of Dahomey definitives

French Guiana’s First Pictorials, 1904-28