Annual Meeting Scheduled For MILCOPEX 2016

Our society will hold its annual meeting at MILCOPEX 2016 on September 16-17, 2016. We have society meetings and events scheduled for Friday, September 16th.  One very interesting talk already announced is Ken Nilsestuen’s presentation on “Algerian Stamped Postal History”.  Other talks are being arranged and will be posted here as soon as information is available.  We are also planning a Friday night dinner at a nearby restaurant – with details coming soon.

There are always several interesting F&C exhibits at the annual meeting, and this year includes the following exhibits:

French Consular Postal Service in Jerusalem 1948 – 1949

French Equitorial Africa: Issues of 1936-1946

The French Colonies General Issues: The Eagle Era

French Sudan & Niger

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New York 2016 – Report

New York 2016 Report

As you probably know, our society hosted a booth at New York 2016 this summer.

Show Entrance and Jenny Bi-Plane
                                                      Show Entrance and Jenny Bi-Plane


FCPS Member Tom Moseley Looks At Ralph DeBoard's Tahiti Exhibit
                        FCPS Member Tom Moseley Looks At Ralph DeBoard’s Tahiti Exhibit


We shared the booth with a couple of other societies.  Tom Broadhead spent quite a bit of time at our booth as did Ralph DeBoard and Larry Gardner.

Tom Broadhead, Ralph DeBoard, and Larry Gardner
                                      Tom Broadhead, Ralph DeBoard, and Larry Gardner


We maintained a signup book for members who visited the booth, with the following individuals signing the book (apologies if your name is misspelled – but some were difficult to read).

Tom Broadhead

Ralph DeBoard

Larry Gardner

Ed Grabowski

Peter Lampen

Gerald Schroedl

Mark Issacs

Jack Dykhouse

Greg CyKman

T.P. McDermott

Marty Bratyzl

Barry Kaiman

Larry Rosenblum

Allan Schefer

J.J. Tillard

Thomas Moseley

Ken Nilsestuen

As Tom Broadhead reported in the F&C Philatelist, 36 philatelic exhibits, 4 literature exhibits, and one presentation were among the 4000+ frames of exhibits at the show. You can follow the link below to see the list Tom recently posted in the journal.

French Area Exhibits