It’s Not Too Early To Make Plans For Our Annual Meeting

Our next annual meeting is scheduled to be held at Chicagopex in November.  It is always a mix of great talks related to collecting France & Colonies, plus fun social events.

So what do we mean by “Making Plans”?  Well, here are some thoughts:

  1.  Set aside the date: November  16 – 18, 2018.

  2.  Volunteer to give a talk (even 15 – 20 minutes would be perfect) about something in your collection related to F&C.  Let our President (Ken Nilsestuen) know if you even think you might be interested.

  3. Get an exhibit ready.  One of the really great things about our annual meeting is the opportunity to see lots of F&C material.  Show committees that host us always appreciate it if we enter a good number of exhibits.

  4.   Go ahead and reserve a room at the Show hotel.  It is a beautiful hotel with lots of very convenient FREE parking.

  5. Invite your spouse to accompany you.  There are lots of things to see in the area, including one of the largest (and nicest) malls you will find anywhere.

Here is a link to the show website where you will find all the information you need:

Keep going back to the website.  As we get closer to the date, they will keep adding more information.  The Prospectus and entry materials, as well as a special show hotel rate will be available soon.

Here are several pictures of previous times at Chicagopex and similar shows.

 Show Hotel

November 2018 – Chicagopex

Westin Chicago Northwest                                                                                         400 Park Boulevard                                                                                                           Itasca, Illinois    60143

Inside Show Hotel

APS Booth


Chicago Collectors Club

Ed at the Frames

FC Talk