The France & Colonies Philatelic Society, Inc. maintains this website as a service to its members and others interested in philately related to France and it’s (previous) Colonies.


      President:     Ken Nilsestuen

     Vice President:   Dr. Norval Rasmussen

     Treasurer:   Jeff Ward

     Corresponding Secretary:   Joel L. Bromberg

     Recording Secretary:    Dr. Edward J.J. Grabowski

     Editor:    Dr. Norval Rasmussen

     Associate Editor:   Vacant

     Assistant Editor (Colonies):     Dr. Edward J.J. Grabowski

     Assistant Editor (Modern):    Vacant

     Webmaster:    Ralph DeBoard


      Class of 2016:     Dr. John Bloor, Jeffrey C. Bohn, Tom Broadhead

      Class of 2018:     Ralph DeBoard, Kay Gaetjens, Stephen Tucker

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